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Strength Training, Core Fitness Studio, Murfreesboro

Strength Training

Cardio is important, but at Core Fitness Studio we understand that cardio + strength training is what ensures strength over the long haul.

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Core Conditioning, Core Fitness Studio, Murfreesboro

Core Conditioning

Core conditioning is really another kind of focused strength conditioning, but it’s a focused kind of strength condition that works on your power center.

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Balance and Stretching, Core Fitness Studio, Murfreesboro

Balance and Stretching

Here at Core Fitness Studio, we believe that balance and stretching deserve a big chunk of our attention if we are to ensure your fitness success.

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High Intensity Interval Training , Core Fitness Studio, Murfreesboro

High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training, also known as HITT, is characterized by a series of high octane cardio punctuated by intervals of rest.

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Personalized Programs, Core Fitness Studio, Murfreesboro

Personalized Programs

One key to long term success is having a plan, and that starts with assessing your personal fitness level right now.

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Nutritional Coaching, Core Fitness Studio, Murfreesboro

Nutritional Coaching

Nutrition is an integral component of a successful fitness plan, and adapting to a new routine may require the support of a modified diet.

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Sammie Bradley is an award-winning bodybuilder

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