Balance and Stretching

Even within the professional fitness world, balance and stretching can get the short end of the stick. Here at Core Fitness Studio, we believe that balance and stretching deserve a big chunk of our attention if we are to ensure your fitness success. Furthermore, we really want to let you in on some of the thinking behind the benefits of these slower, mindfulness-oriented practices.

First, properly warming up your muscles, and slowing working on flexibility over time, is going to increase your range of motion, ensure that the muscle you do build is long and lean, and keep joints and connective tissue lubricated and healthy. Not to mention, you’re going to impress your date on Friday night when you take her out to tango, not only with your endurance, but your smooth moves. That’s right! Taking some time to focus on balance and stretching is going to increase grace and agility. Look out, Fred Astaire!

Another thing a lot of people don’t know about balance is that it takes a lot of strength. The number one best way to test your core muscles is by engaging them as you lift yourself into releve (that’s where you’re up on the balls of your feet balancing). Being able to hold this position without wobbling indicates a strong balance between strength and, well, balance! Ha! And this balance is what allows you to shift your weight more efficiently during your workout.

Balance and Stretching, Core Fitness Studio, Murfreesboro

Sammie Bradley is an award-winning bodybuilder

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