Personalized Programs

One key to long term success is having a plan, and that starts with assessing your personal fitness level right now. Hiring a professional can help you do this. Not only are fitness professionals trained in kinesiology and nutrition, but they’re also trained to work with clients in a compassionate and encouraging way that meets you where you’re at.

Another reason to bring a professional on board from the very beginning of your fitness journey, is because it’s their job to be honest with you. Let’s face it, sometimes we humans have a tendency to be too hard on ourselves (where it would benefit us to give ourselves grace) and to turn a blind eye to areas in our lives where we could use a little more critical and strategic thinking. That’s where a fitness professional comes in!

After you’ve assets your current fitness level with our team, you’ll be able to create a personalized fitness program that takes into account your lifestyle and long term goals. The plan is to create a program that you can stick with, which includes a gradual incline in intensity and enough variety to keep you engaged and wanting to learn more about your body and fitness!

Personalized Programs, Core Fitness Studio, Murfreesboro

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