We love the body positivity that seems to have taken over the culture, and we want to emphasize that the best body for summer is one you feel strong, comfortable and healthy in. That's why, in setting fitness goals for your summer beach bod, we encourage folks to think about what they want to do with their bodies and how they want to feel, as opposed to only looks.

Summer Plans

Maybe you have plans to do a lot of camping and climbing this summer. Whether you have specific goals, in terms of distance or time in the wilderness, preparing for specific goals is a great way to think about what you want to accomplish before you find yourself in the thick of summer vacation. Perhaps you plan on taking a hike at a challenging altitude or deep dive to explore a coral reef. In the case of either activity, you're going to want to engage in cardio and focus on breath work that will increase your lung capacity.

Feeling Your fittest Self

Maybe returning to a place of good health is your fitness goal this summer. In the case of many folks, the starting point will be what you put on your plate. Incorporating a healthy food plan to nurture your body as you work to strengthen it will help you reach this goal at lightning speed. We take a comprehensive approach here at Core Fitness Studio and are happy to help you work out a nutrition plan to attain your healthiest self.

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