Core Conditioning

Core conditioning is really another kind of focused strength conditioning, but it’s a focused kind of strength condition that works on your power center. Not only does the strength of your core affect your overall strength, its solidity--and your relationship to it--also determines your ability to balance and move quickly and efficiently.

Another reason to prioritize core condition is the fat burning potential of those incredible stomach muscles. Once you engage those stomach muscles, and they start feeling strong, they’re ability to create metabolism-raising heat will amaze you. Not to mention, your core strength benefits the abilities of every other muscle group in your body in profound and amazing ways.

Think of your core as your body’s home room or home base--the place you come back to each day to find your strength and move out from. This focus on your core will not only quickly bring you to a place of greater strength and empowerment, but it’s also the first key to alignment. Strengthening your core leads to better posture, and more support for the skeletal system, which means fewer back aches and pains down the road.

Core Conditioning, Core Fitness Studio, Murfreesboro

Sammie Bradley is an award-winning bodybuilder

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